Trending Romantic Locations for Pre Wedding Photography near Udaipur

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    Pre Wedding photography is done mostly to capture unfiltered love and excitement that a couple holds in their bond. From recent years, almost every couple wants to flaunt their bond of love through pre wedding photography. Nowadays the marriage rituals are not about covering the main day but also the pre-functions that will be a forever fun memory for the couple. This trend has gained tremendous popularity, and couples are now opting for pre wedding shoots to document their love stories in a unique and creative way.

    Capturing Timeless Love in the Best Romantic Locations for Pre Wedding Photography

    Beside stunning travel destination, Udaipur is also ideal of pre wedding photoshoots. Udaipur’s  royal charm and picturesque landscapes provide the perfect canvas for pre wedding photoshoots. This city’s romance can be seen in majestic palaces, serene lakes, and historic architecture. Are you still curious about which place will suit your vibe? Here is a list of Trending Romantic Locations for Pre Wedding Photography near Udaipur

    Top Pre Wedding Photography Spots Near Udaipur

    From serene lakes to grand forts and rustic villages we have covered almost every place for you. These locations will be a beautiful backdrop for your pretty moments. Choose the best place from the below list and make a life time captured memory. 


    Rayta Hills

    Rayta Hills is one of the best locations for Pre Wedding photography near Udaipur. The panoramic views and serene atmosphere create an idyllic backdrop, perfect for capturing the couple’s love in a natural and romantic ambiance.



    With its sprawling lake, islands, and marble cenotaphs, Jaisamand lake provides a majestic canvas for pre wedding photography. The serene waters and regal architecture add a touch of grandeur to the love story.


    Saas Bahu Temple

    Ancient temples like Saas Bahu temple are a testament to intricate architecture and historical significance. Pre wedding photos taken here, blend the couple’s love story with the rich heritage and spiritual aura of the temples.



    The imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort with its massive walls and scenic surroundings offers a regal setting for pre wedding shoots. The fort’s grandeur symbolizes the strength and endurance of the couple’s love.


    Purohito ka Talab

    Nestled amidst verdant landscapes, Purohito ka Talab is a hidden gem for pre wedding photography. The tranquil lake and lush greenery provide a serene backdrop, allowing couples to capture intimate moments in nature’s embrace.


    Marble Slurry

    The surreal and abstract landscapes of Marble Slurry offer a unique and artistic canvas for pre wedding photography. The striking patterns and textures of the slurry provide a captivating setting for love stories that stand out from the ordinary.


    Chandani Village

    This picturesque ‘Chandani village’ boasts traditional Rajasthani architecture and a rustic charm that make it an ideal location for pre wedding shoots. Couples can capture their love in a setting that exudes simplicity and authenticity.


    Bahubali Hills

    Named after the famous movie, Bahubali Hills offer breathtaking views of nature’s grandeur. Pre wedding photos taken here transport couples to an epic adventure in the lap of pristine wilderness, making their love story truly larger than life.



    This quaint village ‘Kathar‘  is a hidden treasure for pre wedding photography. Its rustic beauty and tranquil surroundings makes it the best location for pre wedding photography near Udaipur.  This location gives a timeless setting where couples can express their love.


    Ubeshwar Ji Hills

    Surrounded by lush greenery and a tranquil ambiance, Ubeshwar Ji hills provides a serene backdrop for pre wedding pictures. The spiritual aura of the temple adds depth and meaning to the couple’s love story.


    Bagheri ka Naka

    Situated between hills and forests, Bagheri ka Naka offers couples a romantic escape into nature’s lap. The charming lake and pristine surroundings make it a perfect setting for capturing love in its most natural form.


    Goram Ghat

    With beautiful waterfalls and abundant greenery, Goram Ghat is a romantic paradise for pre wedding photography. The soothing sounds of water and the lush backdrop create an atmosphere where love flows freely.



    Rich in historical significance, Haldighati’s rugged terrain and monuments provide a unique backdrop for pre wedding photos. The juxtaposition of history and love story adds depth and intrigue to the images.


    Mount Abu

    Rajasthan’s only hill station, Mount Abu is the best place near Udaipur for pre wedding shoots. It offers a serene and cool atmosphere, making it an ideal location for pre-wedding photography. The tranquil setting allows couples to capture their love in a refreshing high-altitude escape.

    Capturing Forever Love in Udaipur

    These trending pre wedding photography locations near Udaipur offer a wide range of settings, from rustic and traditional to grand and regal. At WedClick we do not just showcase these stunning locations; we also offer pre wedding photography services with a highly skilled team of photographers, makeup artists, and coordinators. 

    We help you explore the best places near Udaipur for pre wedding shoots here to create memories that will last a lifetime. As you embark on this beautiful journey together, we encourage you to explore these picturesque spots and experience the convenience of our pre wedding photography packages.

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