8 Trending Wedding Poses for the Bride & Groom

    8 Trending Wedding Poses For The Bride & Groom | Wedding Photo poses

    Here are 8 Trending Wedding Poses for the Bride & Groom

    Weddings are memorable occasions filled with love, laughter, and priceless memories. As a wedding photographer, capturing those special and priceless moments is a top priority. When it comes to wedding photography, posing the bride and groom creatively can make all the difference in creating memories. In this blog, we will explore 7 trending wedding poses that will beautifully capture the essence of the couple’s love story.

    The Dance Shoot

    Without capturing the couple’s dance, wedding photography would not be complete. Encourage the bride and groom to sway to their favorite song or share a dance under the stars. This pose captures the couple’s happiness, showcasing their connection and creating a vivid and vibrant photograph.

    The Ring Shot

    Capturing the ring shoot is an essential part of any wedding photography. To make this shot more artistic, consider adding the couple’s hands and a beautiful background. The bride and groom can hold hands, showcasing their wedding rings, while the photographer captures the details against a beautiful backdrop. This pose not only highlights the rings but also represents the couple’s commitment to one another.

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    The Romantic Stroll

    One of the most classiest and iconic poses is the romantic stroll. As the couple walks hand in hand, this pose expresses a sense of togetherness and intimacy. It creates a beautiful moment, allowing the couple to enjoy each other’s love while the photographer captures their natural smiles and glances.

    The Back Hug

    The back hug pose is perfect for presenting the couple’s love and care. In this pose, the groom holds his arms around the bride from behind, creating a sense of comfort and safety. This pose allows the photographer to capture the couple’s natural smiles and expressions while showing their bond.

    The Forehead Kiss

    A popular pose that is chosen by many brides and grooms since it captures the couple’s love and affection in the most beautiful way. One of the most attractive kisses is a quick peck on the forehead, and photographers frequently request a lot of these adorable pictures.

    Trending Wedding Poses For The Bride & Groom

    The Lift

    For an impressive pose, have the groom lift the bride off the ground. This pose represents the strength of the groom and the trust of the bride,  creating a magnificent picture that highlights the couple’s bond and excitement.

    The Epic Sunset Shot

    If your wedding takes place at sunset, take advantage of capturing an amazing shot against the colorful sky.  Your photograph will have a dreamlike atmosphere because of the warm, golden light. This pose is perfect for creating a show-stopping moment that truly captures the romance and beauty of your wedding day.

    The Joyful Candid Laugh

    Sincere joy and happiness can be captured in candid photographs.  Let the photographer catch those genuine moments of joy and laughing rather than trying to force a grin. These photoshoots are often the most memorable, as they highlight the couple’s natural chemistry and bring out their true personalities.


    Your wedding poses should reflect your own love story and show the bond you share with your partner. Whether you like classic, romantic, or candid poses,  The idea is to allow personalities to shine through. These 8 popular wedding poses for the bride and groom provide a starting point for capturing unforgettable moments. Remember to communicate with your photographer, share your vision, and most essentially, relax and enjoy the experience. You’ll have a wedding album full of breathtaking pictures that chronicle your special day for years to come if you adopt these postures.

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