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    Best Wedding Photographer in Rajasthan

    Capture the essence of your love amidst Rajasthan’s majestic palaces and sprawling deserts. Our pre-wedding photography service offers a blend of tradition and modernity, creating timeless images against the backdrop of vibrant culture. Let us tell your unique love story in the enchanting landscapes of Rajasthan, forever preserved in stunning imagery.

    best wedding photographer in Rajasthan | Best wedding photography in Rajasthan | best Pre wedding photographer in Rajasthan | Best pre wedding photography in Rajasthan

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    Best Wedding Photography in Rajasthan, Based In Udaipur

    Quality in Photography


    Your top professional and best wedding photographer in Rajasthan – has a signature style of creating extremely passionate and rich photographs.


    Memories in Making


    Maintaining the sensitivity of the priceless moments by appreciating and capturing the small moments that make life memorable as much as the larger ones.


    Ready ⋅ Set ⋅ Wow!


    Blissful occasions to be carefully tucked in the treasure trove of memories. Combining new ideas with perfection, producing a cinematic wedding that elicits a wide range of emotions.

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    When it comes to candid wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, and couple shoot, the WedClick team is one of the best. Their services are absolutely amazing. Service was extremely professional and timely. I'm quite pleased with the photos. Give them a chance if you're looking for a wedding photographer. They're fantastic.

    sourav joshi


    The word to describe them is fantastic. The photography is fantastic, the films and videos are much better. They have a good understanding of how to capture and portray emotions. You'll have a unique experience and make lasting memories. The WedClick comes highly recommended by me.



    I'm speechless and have no idea how to express my gratitude to you. Your video coverage was greatly appreciated by all of us. You skillfully captured each moment, and my friends could connect to the video's candidness. They thought the photographic approach was distinctive, and the film was nearly cinematic. It was a pleasure to work with you. I would choose your services if I had to do it all over again.

    Ritvik Arora


    The WedClick is highly recommended by me. It's a good investment! Exceptional work! I couldn't take my eyes off the wedding album. Each image appears to be unique and artistic.



    In January of this year, I approached them for my sister's wedding. They did an excellent job. Their team was very professional. I wish them all the best for their future.

    Shirish Jain

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    FAQs About Wedding Photographer in Rajasthan

    Remember the old days when choosing a wedding photographer means walking to your local store and making a reservation for your wedding. Wedding photography is a broad area with several sub-specialties. It necessitates a great deal of skill and technique. As a result, picking the appropriate wedding photographer is just as important as picking the right dress, food, and venue for your wedding.

    A talented wedding photographer in Rajasthan can hide all of your faults, including ones that your makeup artist may have overlooked. Your wedding makeup artist and photographer are in charge of making you appear stunning in your wedding images. This isn’t a choice to be taken lightly.

    Here are some pointers and guidelines to help you think about what you should talk about with any potential wedding photographer in Rajasthan before making any decision.

    • Make a list of your specifications. What kind of images are you looking for? Do you prefer conventional photography or a combination of styles? What is your budget and any additional information you require?
    • Read up on the many types of wedding photography styles and conduct some research on creative wedding photography ideas. Determine which styles you prefer: traditional, candid, black and white, pre-wedding shot, and so on.
    • One of the first services to be scheduled is wedding photography.  Because competent wedding photographers are in high demand during peak wedding season and fill up quickly, this should be one of the first services you reserve once the wedding date has been set.
    •  Before making your last pick, check over our dependable platform and look at the evaluations and work of each of the photographers you’ve shortlisted.

    Although you can’t put a price on art, the cost of a skilled wedding photographer is determined by the number of days you need his services and the type of photography you require, such as candid photography, traditional photography, videography, aerial photography, and so on.

    Depending on your needs, the prices can range from low to high. The best wedding photographer in Rajasthan costs between 1 lakh and 1.2 lakh for a complete package that includes all functions. You can also make a deal with the wedding photographer on a bundle. A good balance of traditional and candid photography and videography should be included in a package.

    Charges will rise if you require more specialised photography, such as drone photography. If you’re having a wedding, the package should include coverage of the sangeet, wedding, and reception, if you’re having one. It’s a good idea to get a sense of the costs and other details of the best wedding photographer in Rajasthan.

    • Photographing in Monochrome: The beauty and appeal of black and white photographs cannot be overstated. In a sea of colour, there’s nothing quite like a monochrome image. The best wedding photographer in Rajasthan keeps this in mind while on ground.
    • Photographing with Smartphone: Technology has progressed to the point that mobile phones now contain many useful capabilities. One such aspect is that today’s camera phones have excellent camera quality and can easily take photographs that are comparable to those taken with DSLR cameras.
    • Pre-Wedding Shoots: The pre-wedding photography day is designed to be a relaxing day for you and your partner, pose for images, dress up, have some good moments, and, of course, create lasting memories. Some people prefer themed photoshoots, while others prefer relaxed and casual photographs. Images from these shoots can be utilised as part of your wedding invitations or as part of the decor for your pre-wedding events.
    • Aerial photography: Drone photography, often known as aerial photography, is a current trend in wedding photography in Rajasthan. We all know how Indian weddings are, with so many guests crammed into a large venue, it can be tough for the team to catch key moments, which is where drone photography comes in handy.

    A regular photographer is usually hired to take group photographs on stage or to document crucial rituals. The majority of these images are posed, and you can tell they’re being taken. Whereas, the style of the candid wedding photographer in Rajasthan is more artistic. Like, he (or she) likes to keep out of your way and capture fleeting emotions or moments. When the bride’s mother sees her daughter all dressed up for the first time, or when the bride’s sister tiptoes towards the groom’s shoes to steal them. Similarly, traditional videos are shot to chronologically capture every facet of a marriage. A cinematic film, on the other hand, uses fragments from the wedding, as well as recorded remarks from friends and family, to tell the couple’s love story.

    Specializing in candid wedding photography in Rajasthan, WedClick produces paparazzi-style photos of you and your guests throughout the occasions for which you have hired us. You’ll be speechless after seeing all of the candid and unposed snaps/pictures we took. We make sure you look your best in all of our candid photographs.

    We’re going to let your moments speak for themselves. Using the lens to capture the true essence of your emotions gives you the extra room you need to make memories. Our unequalled expert services benefit both our individual and commercial clients. From wedding photography to photo and video editing we provide a lot of services. To Know More About our Services, Click Here!

    Wedding photo retouching and editing are extremely important in the wedding photography profession. We know how crucial it is to provide the wedding photo session order on time and in perfect shape as a wedding photographer. Our clients love our services of wedding photography in Rajasthan because of their evident brightness and wonderful ability to enchant. As well as your wedding video will capture wonderful memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Your movie will be brought to life if you use a high-quality wedding video editing service like WedClick.

    Being one of the best wedding photographer in Rajasthan our photo & video retouchers/editors are known for their high-quality, unrivalled picture retouching results, as well as their friendly customer service. Learn more about our wedding photo retouching/editing services and how we can help.

    Your best wedding photographer in Rajasthan has a signature technique of making images that are incredibly emotional and rich. Maintaining the sensitivity of priceless moments through enjoying and documenting the minor events that make life just as unforgettable as the big ones. Wonderful events to be carefully tucked away in the memory bank. Creating a cinematic wedding that invokes a wide spectrum of emotions by combining fresh ideas with perfection.

    From being the best pre wedding photographer to providing exceptional candid wedding photography in Rajasthan WedClick is known for its enthusiasm for photography. We feel that a good photograph demands more than just the correct equipment.

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