Wedding Photography – A Complete Guide For You

    perfect wedding photography 

    Wedding photography is a blend of many other photographic genres. It incorporates portrait, family and group photography, pre-wed documentaries, marriage events, and close-up images.

    It may even incorporate landscape if the location is particularly beautiful or just mesmerizing.

    This is considered one of the most stressful areas for a photographer. If accidentally delete the photographs or lose the memory card, the photographer can be in big trouble.

    Taking great photographs of brides and groom


    s and keeping them happy is a big task, to give the best output MN PHOTOGRAPHY knows its best.

    Having all the knowledge to photograph weddings is transferrable. A lot of time is spent trying to meet the clients and understand their wishlist, listening to their wishes and wedding day plan, and working accordingly. We know the best way to keep our customers happy.



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    Camera equipment for perfect wedding photography 

    Having the best camera equipment is very important for professional wedding photography. The equipment needed is a DSLR or mirrorless system that can handle everything this type of event can throw at you.

    There are many different styles and locations that need to be photographed.  The camera will need to change at fraction of seconds. That means to work at a high ISO, a fast shutter speed, and great focusing points.

    Shooting in raw is a necessity, as this gives more play when it comes to editing. And the system needs to be able to deal with different lenses too.

    Also, having a backup camera (or two) will make sure that everything is covered if something happens. Having three cameras isn’t chaos, as two cameras can operate while one serves as a backup.

    The two-camera method is inevitable as one can sport a prime for portraits, and the other can host a zoom for unexpected moments to click candid.

    5 best tripods use in photography-

    Better to have a tripod than the alternative. As far as wedding photography tips go, you will definitely benefit greatly from having one.

    In situations where group photos are taken, the tripod is a secure place to keep the camera and take motion pictures.

    It lets use both hands when directing the excited family, or tinkering with the flash units tripod is inevitable.

    Also, it keeps the view perfectly still, getting the poser to pose in the frame, not trying to hassle around them. Due to the mirror flick up, it reduces camera shake.

    More importantly, it will give arms a rest while you focus on finding the bride and groom for their romantic shots.

    tripod, photography equipment7 lense recommendation-

    Lenses are the most important pieces of the whole photography kit you will need. It is completely possible to shoot a wedding ceremony with one lens (great example ), but with a zoom lens.

    Ideally, to cover all the bases you’ll want to have a few lenses. This article gives you the best lenses to use along with a drone for a complete wedding package. Some you will use more. But it is always better to have it and only use it once than missing the perspective and subsequent shot because of nonavailability.

    This photographer uses a multitude of zooms and prime lenses, so he is never out of shots.

    wedding photography camera lense

    Complete Lighting Tips

    This extensive article looks at lighting in an entire wedding, going from the dressing to the wedding reception. There are many different locations throwing different temperatures at photographers. Which needs some thought!

    The best way is to stand beforehand, looking for light and settings to capture powerful images in the event.

    Natural light is a great way to illuminate a subject without extra gear. Windows are the best option as they add a soft, spread-out feel. This light is abundant with the outside shots, where reflectors might be used.

    Speedlites will help fill dark areas and freeze motion when people are dancing or dynamic. Utilize the light, add where it is necessary.

    wedding photography light

    These are a few tips that are used during wedding photography to know in detail you can read our next upcoming blog or leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. Or if you want to have detailed information about our photography tricks and unique photos you can visit us on Wedclick

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